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  Peter Logan (B.A.)
Tel: +49 (0) 268 - 69 88 62 87
Mobil: +49 (0) 160 98 41 62 60
E-mail: plogan (@) glossateam.com

Native language: English
Languages: English

Education & professional experience
B.A. in Geography, University of Manchester, England, 1975
German Proficiency Qualification, Liverpool, England, 1978
Industrial Business Management (Industriekaufmann),
Bonn Chamber of Commerce, 1985
1978-1985 English teacher and translator for language schools in Bonn
1985-1988 export salesman and in-house translator at Assem Audi & Co. GmbH
Since 1988 self-employed translator
Since 2001 member of glossaTEAM

Areas of specialisation
Business & law,

Mechanical and civil engineering:
Natural sciences:

Project management, quality assurance, contracts, annual reports
websites, market research, press, investor relations, real estate, property management, logistics, correspondence, tourism, politics
Construction industry, industrial plants, chemicals, automotive industry, wind power plants and solar energy
Geography, environment, nature conservation, disaster reduction, spatial and regional planning
Learning software, banking software, telecommunications